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Annona Muricata, zuurzak, soursop, Graviola

Revolutionary New Age Skincare from Dutch soil

L'ANNON™ is a New Age cosmetic brand inspired by people with allergies to perfume, parabens and other triggers that cause irritation on the skin. The result is usually an uneven skin tone and a rough and irregular skin structure. We have the solution.


In collaboration with a Dutch lab, L'ANNON™ naturally develops high-quality          handmade care products that support the skin's self-healing capacity.


At L'ANNON™ we believe, the more natural the product, the better the effect on the skin.

The Shining Star
The Annona Muricata is the revolutionary key ingredient of our care line. This special tropical superfruit has been put under the microscope by various laboratories around the world. The studies show that the fruit and leaves are rich in various minerals and anti-oxidants making it extremely beneficial for skin and body fitness. Take care of yourself and discover the power of Annona Muricata.
"Everyone has beautiful skin if you use the right care."
Natuurlijke huidverzorging geschikt voor iedere huidtype

Pure ingredients
Pure care

  • Free from chemical parabens

  • Free of perfume

  • Free of silicone 

  • Free from micro-plastic 

  • Free from nuts

  • Vegan

  • Natural active ingredients

  • Animal testing free 

Annona Muricata is rich in:

Annona Muricata is a holistic

tropical fruit known to the ancient populations of South America for its beneficial and medicinal effects - also on the skin.

  • The fruit is rich in vitamin C 

  • Vitamin A, B1, B2, B12, E

  • Zinc, Phosphorus, Potassium

  • Iron, Magnesium, Calcium

  • Folic Acid and Dietary Fiber

  • Fatty acids  

Amber Drops

Hydra Lock

Amber Drops Hydra Lock serum oil has been developed to support the restorative and nurturing capacity of the skin. The serum oil has been dermatologically tested and is therefore suitable for sensitive skin types. This golden nectar for the skin is enriched with oils from flowers, fruits, seeds and kernels. Skin oil is naturally rich in vitamin E, omega fatty acids and a small percentage of oleic acid, making it identical to the fats in our epidermis. By taking care of your skin with natural oils, skin elasticity and the repair of the skin barrier are promoted,

Ceramides are lipids with a fatty acid present in the cell membrane. The omega fatty acids that are naturally present in the epidermis regulate the moisture balance and produce skin fat, which keeps the cell membranes healthy. If the cell membranes are healthy, this leads to supple and soft skin. To keep the skin radiant and healthy, the use of oils in the daily care routine is essential. Amber Drops is rich in linolenic acid, oleic acid, antioxidants, anti-aging, soothing, restorative and caring ingredients.

A natural and luxurious blend to strengthen the skin barrier and protect against free radicals.


L'ANNON™ is the first brand in Europe to introduce skin care with Anonna Muricata as a key ingredient.

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